White Romantic Urban Home Decor

Friday, June 28th, 2019 - Paint Color
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Urban home decor can be a good choice for you who intend to build a new house for your family. Urban house can be built whatever, whether in the down town or the country, so even it sounds like it is a town house but actually all of us can make the house anywhere. The characteristic of this house is usually simple yet beautiful. One of the example of this urban house that can be applied to your house is the white urban house. The house is simple yet romantic because white is timelessly beautiful, honest, clean, and also peaceful.

White Urban Home Decor Color

If you want to have this White Romantic Urban Home Decor, you have to apply white for the whole exterior of your house. For the interior, you can use white too. If you are a bit bored, you can add other colors such as broken white or pale grey to some room. But, still it is recommended to use white for the whole part of your house. Don’t think that your house will be monotone and boring because you can combine the color with some stones, glass, and also wood elements in the house. So, even though your house is dominated by white, but you can still see the variation from those mentioned elements.

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Moreover, the furniture in this white urban home decor can give color too. Although the house is almost white, but it does not mean that you have to use the white furniture too. For the living room you can use the cream sofa with the black carpet under it. Then, in the kitchen, you can use the stainless steel kitchen appliances combined with the wooden kitchen furniture. Then, if you use many big glass windows, this will benefit you even more because it will make the house feel romantic and peaceful. In the backyard, a blue swimming pool is the best thing you can have for this white romantic urban house.

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