Wall Living Room Shelving Design Ideas

Friday, February 2nd, 2018 - Living room

Living room shelving is very important to storage things that might be messed up in your living room such as books, flower passes, and others. Before really choosing a shelve for your living room, you should know first that there are two kinds of Wall Living Room Shelving Design Ideas. The first is wall shelving which is float and the second it unit shelving. Those two kinds of shelving are different, but have the same main purpose that is to store your things.

Living Room Wall Shelving

The first living room shelving is the floating wall shelving. Many people prefer this kind than the second one because it has many advantages. First, is that it is so unique and beautiful. Besides its function as the storage, another important function is to beautify the room: it can be the accessories at the same time. The second is that it is easy to move and reinstall since this shelving is separated one another. You can choose some long board and then arrange it on the wall. See also Newest DIY Living Room Decor Ideas.

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About the position, you can arrange it by our self without any pattern. Set the space between one shelve to another based on the things that you want to store. For instance, if it is meant for books, then you can make the space fits the book. You can also put some family pictures on the shelves. Then, if you are bored with the position, you can move one of those shelving. For instance, you move the upper shelf beneath and the vice versa. Read also How to Get Perfect Vintage Furniture For Your Living Room.

The second kind is unit living room shelving. It is simpler that the first one because you don’t need to arrange the position because the shelving forms a unity. It is more like cupboards or cabinet. So, you are easy to put it. Each shelf has its own specialty; it is up to you to choose which shelving that you want for your living room.

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