Vintage, Warm French Home Decor

Thursday, January 31st, 2019 - Tips
Beautiful Interior With Vintage French Home Decor

French home decor usually uses vintage furniture with vintage color choices too. This house idea offers you warm and romantic feelings. If you apply this Vintage French Home Decor Idea in your house, you will be able to have a house which will bring you to travel through time. You will feel like you are living in the age of some kings and queens. You will feel like you are in the movies which use some elegant and luxury French movies.

Vintage French Home Decor

If you want to apply this french home decor, firstly you have to know the characteristics of this kind of house idea. French house usually uses vintage furniture with vintage color such as cream, soft brown, oak green, and other vintage, soft colors. For the furniture, for instance, in the living room you can use a set of vintage sofa in brown, and then you can put one corner chair with high backrest. The chair is meant to sweeten the room and to create French accent. To warm the room, you are also allowed to add a small, soft carpet under your sofa.

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This vintage french home decor also need some accessories just like the other house ideas. Besides the window in your living room, you can install two wall lamps and on the ceiling, install a vintage chandelier. Since the room uses vintage color, so you are better to choose the yellow lighting for your chandelier and your wall lamps. In addition, putting a painting will also help you to create a vintage room. Just keep in mind that you have to choose the painting with vintage color too. Or, if you don’t have any idea about the painting, you can change it with a portrait of a famous landmark of French, which is nothing more than the Eiffel Tower.

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