Uses and Designs of Sliding Doors

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All houses have doors. Doors are the only way for the resident to travel through rooms throughout the house. As a matter of fact, doors function in several ways such as security, mobility, ease and decoration. Doors keep the resident secure inside the house without having to worry intruders make their way in. Doors also decorate the house and apply additional aesthetic to it. There are several types of doors such as hinged door, which is the most popular, a rather modern Uses and Designs of Sliding Doors. The latter is one that we will talk about much.

Sliding Doors Design Ideas

Sliding door originated from Italy in first century. They were found in Pompeii and Roman house. However, Japanese has make use of it until now on their houses. Basically sliding door is a door that slides. This type of door saves space for its opening doesn’t require area like hinged door. Sliding door will allow you to put more stuff in the room. The weakness of this type of door is its low-security. It can be easily broken even with locks for its nature to slide. See also How to Choose Door Handles for Your House.

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Kitchen Sliding Door Design Idea

Applying sliding door in the house has to be through careful thinking. We can’t afford to put sliding door as the main door for its lack of security. Thieves would likely to break those doors easily and break in. Sliding door is usually applied in storage room, bedroom or bathroom. In the storage room, it can increase the amount of space and maximize the opportunity to store more stuffs. Read also Timber Framed Glass Sliding Doors.

Sliding door also benefits small bedroom because it makes the room accommodates more furniture. Typical bathroom has sliding door because bathrooms usually are small. The fact that bathroom lacks space makes sliding door a perfect choice. By wisely put sliding doors in the house, it doesn’t only save space but also give a nice touch to the house.


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