Unique Long Distance Pillow Brings Back Intimacy

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 - Furniture
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Long Distance Pillow Design

Thanks to long distance pillow, trying to make your long distance relationship work has just gotten a little bit easier. Couples who should be away from each other for a period of time would agree that long distance relationship sucks. Of course, it is well-worth the effort, but no one can deny that it is difficult. Having to be away from your loved one is not easy, and going to sleep without them can be very painful.

Bed time is one of those times where you cannot run from reality and the fact that you are alone. During the day you can keep yourself preoccupied with work. You can also be around your friends and colleagues to get your mind off things. But comes nightfall, the loneliness becomes more apparent and unbearable. So what do you have to do?

Pillow Talk, bringing back intimacy

With the advancement in technology, we cannot deny that almost every single facet of our lives now are made easier. But who would have thought that one manufacturer could bridge the distance between couples in long distance relationship? Named “Pillow Talk,” this high-tech pillow may have so much to offer, but it’s just as comfortable as traditional pillow.

The idea behind is to bring back intimacy and keep the flame alive despite the distance between the couple. Loneliness has no place with this high-tech pillow. Simply because it allows you and your loved one to feel closer by hearing each other’s heartbeat.

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Long Distance Pillow Trends

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How it works and what to expect

It is incredibly sweet, that’s for sure. But at the same time, we bet you cannot help but ask the same question: “but wait, how does it work?” Adopting a slightly similar approach to fitness tracker that connects your heartbeat to your device, this pillow also comes with a ring sensor. This ring sensor comes in a form of wristband that both love birds must wear to connect. Couples who purchase these high-tech pillows will receive one pillow that and a bracelet.

The pillow itself is equipped with flat fabric panel that is hidden behind its pillowcase. Once you have successfully synchronized both of your pillows, the bracelets will begin to connect and communicate wirelessly. Using internet to connect, your pillow will light up to indicate the presence of your loved one. To put this high-tech pillow to a good use, all you should do is place your head right on your pillow. When you do, the long distance pillow will allow you to listen to his heartbeat.

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