Unique Door Handles from Ropes

Friday, March 27th, 2020 - Tips
Small Rope Door Handle Design

Ever think of using Unique Door Handles from Ropes? Do you think it’s unusual and impossible to use door handles which use rope as its material? On the contrary, it’s possible to use natural rope as material of door handles, and more, they’re even able to give different look to your doors.

Ropes Door Handles

Natural rope can look cool and using the rugged old material can increase you modern interior decoration. The unusual material creates striking look and adds uniqueness as well as a sense of nature. Rope door handles make your door look funky and it’s definitely not out of style as it gathers more interest than normal door handles. More often than not, people just grab door knobs to open doors and don’t even bat an eye to these small things as they may look insignificant to them.

Unique Design For Rope Door Handle

Sphere Rope Door Handle Idea

Simple Rope Door Handle Design

Rope Door Handle With Ball Shape

Rope Door Handle Design Idea

Nice Door Handle Made Of Rope

Door Handle Made Of Rope

Door Handle Design Using Rope

But with rope door handles, 100% people will take interest in them and as their curiosity grows, they may eventually ask about the unique door handles or even give any flattering remark. It also perks up attention to décor accessories that you already have in your house. Rope doesn’t have slick surface either, so when you have a grab on rope door handles you can have a tight and strong grip on them. They make it easier in pulling doors.

Aside from purchasing it, you can make your own rope door handles as well. All you have to prepare is a rope and iron; no other hardware needed. The thing that you should pay attention to is that you must tighten the rope with care. Make sure to make a loose length of the knotted rope twine so you can fit it to your door. You can use your creativity to make the knots you desire.

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