Unconventional and Smart DIY Bathrooms Ideas

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 - Bathroom

How many bathrooms do you have in your house? do them look the same with the other ordinary bathroom? Do you want something new and different with your private bathroom? If it is so, then do the Unconventional and Smart DIY Bathrooms Ideas. Smart and unconventional does not mean something negative, instead it is something refreshing for your mind and it will make your bathroom amazing.

DIY Bathrooms Design Ideas

First idea is turning the mirror in the bathroom into a chalkboard. Most bathrooms have that one big mirror on the wall and you can change it into the chalkboard. Then, write anything you want on it. As a change, choose a standing mirror and put it in your bathroom corner. Bathroom chalkboard will create new nuance and it gives you energy to begin the day in the morning after you are showering. See also Modern Bathroom Chair You Should Have.

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The second idea of diy bathrooms is painting your tub. Bath tubs are usually available in white or black, but, you an make a difference by painting the lower part of your tub. Don’t worry to choose color such as pink, blue or even yellow. Surely your bathroom will look amazing just by the change of your tub. Read also Ghost Chairs Application For Your Bathroom Decoration.

The next diy bathrooms ideas are about the door and the towel hanger. If you want an atmosphere of Japan, you can change the bathroom door with the sliding barn. This will make your bathroom look simpler and at the same time it will look like bathroom in Japan. Then, you can also change the towel hanger with a ladder. This will look different yet beautiful. The last idea is separating the space in your bathroom with different wallpaper. For instance, you can use white color for shower room then switch to the stripes white and yellow for the space around the vanity set. And, don’t forget to add floral curtain too to separate the space and give more color to your bathroom.

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