Types of Kitchen Sinks and How to Find the Right One

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 - Furniture
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Modern Kitchen Sink Design

Kitchen sinks are the fixture in the kitchen that works really hard and it is arguably right. How many times did you use your kitchen sink in one day? The number of times you use kitchen sink will be greater than when you use microwave or even oven.

It is important to choose the durable material for kitchen sink. Besides, you may have several other considerations. So, here we have the pros and cons about the material of kitchen sink before you find the most suitable one for your kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks Undermount

Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel sink

This material is arguably the most durable and popular among the others. It provides clean and neutral look as well. You can also choose the brushed or the polished type as well as the thickness. This sink is also affordable so you can fit it in your budget.

But if you pick the gauge higher than 20 it can be very tiny and flex. The water spots may clearly show if you do not wipe it immediately after your use it. It is prone to scratch.

Cast iron sink

Cast iron is also one of the most durable materials for sink. The finishing of this material is the porcelain enamel which makes it really hard and durable at the same time. The maintenance is easy along with the various color options available. It can resist heat as well. For easy installation, you can choose the drop-in style.

But if you want the under-mount installation, you will need solid fixture to support the weight. For long time usage, it can get chipped. It is not friendly with the abrasive cleaners since the glossy finish could get dull.

Concrete sink

Well, it looks so stylish and the custom style will refer to this material. It will also great to pair it with the concrete countertop.

But you will need to seal it periodically in order to repel moisture and avoid stains. Since concrete is heavy, the base support is required. When it comes to custom made, the cost can be a bit pricey. For long time usage, the cracks and fissures could appear.

Actually, there are still several materials that made a sink. But no matter what the material, you need to consider the main purpose of your sink and make it fits with the kitchen’s design. Besides, it is important to make it fits your budget before buying one of the kitchen sinks.

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