Tufted Armchair; Why It Is Better?

Monday, January 13th, 2020 - Furniture
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Tufted Armchair Size

Tufted armchair refers to an armchair with tufting applied to one, some or all of its cushions. Tufting is a weaving technique in which the covering of the cushion is pulled and folded to create repeating geometric pattern (usually diamond-shaped) that is then secured with either buttoned or button-less threads. Tufting not only evokes elegant look to the chair. People who have used tufted chair and sofa believe that tufting also improves the overall comfort of the cushion. Here we will show you three reasons why tufted chair is better than tuftless one.

Tufted chair looks and feels firmer and more stable.

Because the cushion pad is more firmly compressed and because there are threads securing the pad at certain points on the surface of the cushion, tufted chair is firmer in both look and feel. The pad doesn’t slide easily and the covering holds the pad firmly. Tufting also prevents sagging due to the way it locks every area of the pad on its position. Sitting on a tufted chair thus feels more stable and steadier.

Tufting is great for decorating a modern chair.

Because modern chair is expected to be plain, sleek and clean, not all kinds of ornament and decoration can be applied to it. Tufting is special because it is perhaps the only decorative technique that can be applied to modern chair and furniture. The neat geometric patter that tufting creates is in harmony with the spirit of modernity. In fact, if your modern chair looks too plain and too bland because it lacks decoration, tufting becomes an almost mandatory technique to give more energy to its dull look.

Tufted Armchair Vintage

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Tufted Armchair Design

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The waves tufting creates improves back support and comfort.

When you sit on a tufted chair, the wavy surface of its upholstery will adapt to the contour of your back. Because the pad has been made firmer with tufting, the pad will not arbitrarily contract and shrink when you sit on it. Tufting allows the part that receives the most weight to contract and the part that receives less weight to expand, providing full support to all parts of your back, buttocks and thighs.


With tufted chair, you will get a chair that is both nice-looking and comfortable. The decoration doesn’t harm the modern look of your modern chair as well, so tufting is actually great for both antique and modern chairs. Consider adding tufted armchair to your home to improve the overall comfort level and atmosphere of your home.

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