Treating the Bay Window with the Best Living Room Curtain

Thursday, June 27th, 2019 - Living room
Bay Window With Curtain Decorating Idea

Bay window is a modern and exotic choice for a house. Living room which uses bay window will look so sophisticated and stunning. The characteristic of this window which is large and big needs different treatment. The window cannot be paired with the ordinary curtain. If you want your room as stunning as you dream about, then you have to use the Best Living Room Curtain which is specially meant for bay window.

Living Room Curtain For Bay Window 

There are two kinds of curtains which can be considered for your living room. The first kind of the curtain is installed outside the bay. It means that you cover the bay window as a single unit. So, the curtain is hanging outside the bay and it covers the whole part of the window in one pull. This kind of living room curtain can be the decorative frame at the same time. When you close the curtain, the bay window will be covered and the flat big curtain will be your sight. So, if you use this type of curtain, you are suggested to use nice curtain with stunning motifs and pattern. For example, floral curtain is nice because it will give color to the room.

Small Bay Window With Beautiful Curtain

Living Room With Bay Window Decor

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Living Room Curtain For Bay Window

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Beautiful Bay Window Curtain For Living Room

Bay Window With Curtain For Living Room

The second type of living room curtain for bay window is the curtain inside the bay. This way, you have to treat the window differently for each window. You can separate each small window inside the bay and then complete each of them with curtain. The control of the curtain is also different. It means that the window is treated like ordinary one, but the different is that it is placed inside the bay. When you close every curtain in the windows inside the bay, the room will still look large and the original form of the bay is clearly seen.

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