Traditional French Decorating Style for Elegant and Conventional House

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Simple French Home Decor For Small Room

French home décor gives you a comfortable living plus European elegance that you might never know you wanted. The pretty and popular Traditional French Decorating Style for Elegant and Conventional House is basically the ideal style for you who have been dreaming of a traditional styled house which also comes with artistic interior.

Elegant French Decorating Style

To get the graceful and artistic French home décor, there are several key points that can be noted. Antique or unusual furniture is best placed in rooms which aren’t full of other pieces as to give it a lot of room to shine. Fewer pieces lead eyes to focus and pay attention to the remarkable furniture the most. In other rooms which have no extraordinary furniture, you may fill them with many objects or pieces. Nonetheless, you should avoid putting too many so the room won’t feel over-furnished. Everything that goes over the top is never good, therefore you ought to keep the furniture arrangement appealing and uncluttered.

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The color palette used should be the one that create cohesion between rooms. If you design the palette in one main color, you need to try keeping this color even in small aspects. Even then, you shouldn’t use one color for everything. For example, red is chosen as the main color but you don’t want red curtains for your living room. To solve this small problem, you can choose curtains in any color you like but it has to look well along with red. It’s even better if you can get curtains that have a red undertone.

French home décor has “mismatched” characteristic. Aside from chairs in the dining room and kitchen, putting furniture of different designs and materials as if it had been joined together over time can add richness to the look of your French decorated. The overtime period effect can illustrate the “traditional” quality of the décor.

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