Top 3 Closet Door Designs

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 - Furniture
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Closet Doors With Glass

Picking up the right closet doors can be very tricky. It doesn’t matter what design you choose for your door of closet, it should facilitate you to get access to all items you put inside it. There are some factors that can influence the choosing of the doors of your closet. Those factors include the space available in your room as well as the location where you will put your closets. The design of the doors should also reflect your personality and taste. Here are the best 3 closet door designs to inspire you.

Closet Doors With Mirrors

Closet Doors Rustic

Closet Doors Ideas

Closet Doors For Small Spaces

Top 3 Designs for Closet Doors

  1. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are mostly chosen by people as the door design for their closets. These kinds of door come with various finishes and styles. They range from raised or mirrored panel to frosted or translucent glass that will perfect for small room. It really saves the spaces as you will only get access to one side of the closet each time you open the door. But just remember to avoid using the design that is fully mirrored as it will give overwhelmed impression to your room.

  1. Closet with Traditional Hinged Swinging Door

The traditional hinged swinging door is also called double doors. As the name suggest, this kind of door is often found in traditional houses. The design makes you possible to maximize capacity of your closet’s storage by adding rack, hooks, or pockets just behind the double doors. Meanwhile, the standard hinged door placed downsides makes it possible for you to hang your bags on it.

  1. Bi – Fold Doors

The next design is the bi – fold doors. It is a kind of door which is usually installed to both sides of the fold back. But, if it is impossible for you to do that, you can just install it to one side only. Just like the sliding doors design, the bi – fold doors also makes it possible for you to get access to all area of the closet once you open them.

Alternative Doors for Your Closet

If it is impossible for you to apply those three designs above or if you want to have custom door designs for your closet, there are some alternative doors you can use. Pocket doors are also great idea since they are open most of time so it will be easier for you to take your items out from your closet. For more practical purpose, you can also use curtains or fabric panels for your closet doors.

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