Tips on Choosing Living Room Cushions

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 - Living room

Cushions cannot be overlook in terms of living room interior. Living room cushions don’t only give a comfortable seat or huggable grab. It also complete and enhance the entire atmosphere of the living room interior. However, picking the right living room cushions can be a difficult task itself. Its variety of shapes, materials and patterns of the cushions sometimes lead us to confusions. But there’s always solution to every problem, Here are Tips on Choosing Living Room Cushions.

Living Room Cushions Tips

First, living room cushions must fit the type of the living room interior. Living rooms can have minimalist, ethnic, classic or luxury look, and this will affect the choice of the cushions. A complex-patterned cushion may contain patterns like traditional curves, embroiders, and floral can fit a big couch of which natural and classic taste with traditional touch, or even wooden chairs. For the minimalist ones, cushions can be more simple and plain with various types of colors and less ornaments.

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Second, pick living room cushions that match the whole color of the interior of the room. They may not be in the same color of the furniture or the wallpaper or the wall paint, but the colors should harmoniously perfect each other. For instance, a vivid painted room should have a rather soft-colored cushions to calm the eyes. For rooms with soft color, choose cushions that has bright and bold color to stand them out. The thing to keep in mind is that the cushions should be the focal point, or the point of interest in the room. Carefully choose the colors that will make them the star of the room.

The last but not least is its material. Cushions that are often being hugged or touched, it is wise to pick the material that is easy to wash and is durable. If the cushions are only for the sake decoration, a more luxury and classy material like embroidered satin should accompany the room.

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