Some Rules to Have the Best Basement Bedroom

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 - Bedroom
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We all have that one room in our house which is not used properly. What we could think about the room is it is meant for warehouse and then we leave it dirty and messy. One of those used rooms in our house is basement. It is so bad that many people use it just for warehouse. In fact, actually it can be used for a more useful room for your family, such as basement bedroom. However, since the room is placed in the basement, it is not easy thing to decorate it. There are Some Rules to Have the Best Basement Bedroom if you want to get the nicest bedroom ever. Below is the more explanation about it.

Basement Bedroom Design Idea

The first thing to consider about basement bedroom is that you have to drive away all the darkness. How to do it? The answer is by making the right decoration, choosing right furniture and bright color. Since basement does not get so much light from outside, hinder dark color and dark furniture. Choosing warm and bright color such as white or cream is preferable. For furniture, choose the elegant and bright too. Dark and heavy furniture will make the room look so crowded. Then, you can also make some tricks to solve this problem that is by using some mirrors. The reflection of the room in the mirror and the light which is bounced will help you a lot to create a brighter and bigger room in an elegant way.

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Then, to make the room become more elegant, you can use your staircase! Make it as nice as possible so that at the same time it can be the thing that beautifies your basement bedroom. The next rule is by leaving some natural touch such as some concreted walls or big pipe. This will give its own uniqueness to the room. The last thing is by creating a runaway route. It is very important for you to make an escape from the basement bedroom, for example by creating a staircase to the outside of the house by digging up the ground.

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