Some Kitchen Storage Ideas and Their Uses

Thursday, February 15th, 2018 - Kitchen

Kitchen can be one mess we hardly overcome. One of the reasons why it is prune to messed condition is the bad storage area that sometimes happen to be in the kitchen. There’s too much stuff like kitchen utensils and other appliances, and the storage couldn’t fit in the rooms that was preserved for them. This condition could even be worse when the storage area is relatively small and is poor-organized, and all that is just bad for things that need to be stored there. This could lead to stuffs misplaced in the corners of the kitchen and degrading the view. Some Kitchen Storage Ideas and Their Uses could lead to problems when using the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

Anyway, there are several solutions that could be proposed to overcome the kitchen storage problem. One of the kitchen storage ideas is the vertical space. For small kitchen, exploring the vertical area could make great solutions. By installing floating cabinets or hangers we could have more storage. The floating cabinets can be used to place cooking utensils and some light cutleries such as bowls, cups, placemats, spoons and forks. Make sure it’s high enough but not too high so it’s still within reach but not too narrow in space under it.

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Another kitchen storage ideas is involving the help of kitchen cart. This will help us to have a mobile, flexible, and functional cart that not only do as storage but also serve as a place to do the cooking. We can use its flat hard top surface to chop our meal-to-be. The lower part can be used to store big cooking utensils such as skillet, basin and etc.

The last kitchen storage ideas is drawers. We usually have drawers as our main storage under the counter or the island table. Those drawers has good usability to keep small-sized kitchen utensils such as various types of knives, spoon, forks and other small things.

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