Smoky Glass Interior Design Trends

Monday, January 13th, 2020 - Tips
Elegant Home Interior With Smoky Glass

A wide variety of interior design trends are in nowadays. If you’re taking interest in having one of what supposed to be an item included in interior design trends, then you probably want to try smoked glass.

Glass creates classy look and makes a room feel bright and open. When talking about glass, clean and clear are always two of the most terms associated with it. But how about ditching that common and usual glass to something more in? Nowadays, Smoky Glass Interior Design Trends are popular. It’s one example of interior design trends which has its special charms.

Home Interior Design Trends

Smoky glass is a useful and attention-grabbing feature. Smoky glass can give off 70s feel, but in the hands of talented contemporary designers, it can be unique and modern. And this fact is proven with how smoky glass becomes one of interior design trends today.

Generally, glass reduces privacy, but not smoked glass as it creates more privacy than just the typical clear glass. With smoked glass, you can get both openness and also privacy. Smoked glass also strikes a tension between both raw and defined. The smoked quality encourages the raw look, while the design of each smoked glass item pushes the defined one.

Tips To Choose Smoky Glass Design

Smoky Glass Front Door Design

Smoky Glass For Luxury Home Decor

Smoky Glass Door For Luxury Bathroom

Smoky Glass Door For Beautiful Home Decor

Modern Smoky Glass Interior Design

Minimalist Home With Smoky Glass

Luxury Bathroom With Smoky Glass

Elegant Smoky Glass Door Design

Use smoked glass on windows, bathroom windows, and shower doors. You can make use of smoky or smoked glass for your sliding doors as well. Sliding glass doors designs are visually thrilling. Then, imagine if you use smoked sliding glass doors instead. They will make the visual of your house more and more exciting.

You may also add some real glasses for display. They will make an interesting decoration to your house which adds a sense of mystery. Smoked glass pendant lightings are such an excellent idea for your rooms as well. The beauty of the smoked glass and the creative designs combined creates a remarkable characteristic.

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