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Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 - Furniture
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Best mattress is one major factor behind the fresh feel every time you wake up. But then, which material is the best? As every material can serve you different pros and cons, one best bed might not be the same for other people. Therefore, here we will provide you with pros and cons of each bed material to ease you in choosing the best bed.

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Mattress Trends 2018

  1. Innerspring mattresses

Among all types of mattresses, this one seems to be the widely used mattress. What differ this mattress with the other is the support of coil springs. It will help the bed to have well durability no matter what kind of seasons it passed. The pros are, this type is not hard to find; you can find it almost in all mattress shop. The range of the firmness as well as price also able to suit anyone needs. However, the cons also come from the coil factor. If   there are no enough springs or cushion for giving the proper support, you may wake up with aching back.

  1. Memory foam mattresses

This mattress provided different layers of density made of foam. It is become popular choice, since it claimed to be able in giving comfort, as it can contour the specific shape of any people’s body who lay on it. The pros are the previous factor will certainly give you comfort and relieve pain. Besides that, the foam material will also absorb your movement. in other words, if you are sleeping with your partner, you will not get disturbed by the toss or turn your partner makes. On the other hand, the cons are mostly about the temperature sensitive this mattress has. Sometimes, people feel their night is too hot on this mattress.

  1. Latex mattresses

Mattresses in this material can be made from natural or even synthetic rubber. This mattress is well known for its firmness as well as the bouncy support it gives throughout the bed. In the pros side, this material is able to give the best firm as well as supportive feeling similar to what memory foam has. However, it differs in slight; latex mattresses push back. In other words, it gives more support when you lay on it. On the contrary, the firmness might the reason why people are not choosing it. It applied for them who does not like firm mattress.

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