Non-Childish Disney Home Decor

Monday, January 13th, 2020 - Tips
Disney Home Decor With Wall Poster

Are you an avid fan of cartoons or movies produced by The Walt Disney Company? Are you getting inspired by the cute and funny Disney characters and hoping to get a Disney home décor? Do you want to start working on it but suddenly feel hesitant because you’re afraid the Disney home décor will make your house look childish? Fear not. There are ways to get you achieve Non-Childish Disney Home Decor without giving off a totally Disney Land look.

Disney Home Decor

The first step in getting a Disney home décor for your house is by painting the walls inside. You’re not supposed to fully paint your walls with Disney characters as that makes the house look like a kindergarten instead. All you need to do is painting one or two silhouettes of Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse. You can also just paint the head, for example Donald Duck’s head silhouette to make it more enticing.

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Another alternative to give off the Disney home décor is by applying Disney patterned wallpapers. Even though wallpapers cover walls entirely, the small patterns reduce the possibility of them looking too childish. There’s a wide range of Disney patterned wallpapers with various Disney characters, size of the patterns, and colors. You just need to cleverly choose which wallpaper is deemed suitable and into your liking the most.

Afterwards, you can start with decorating the objects inside the house. Cushion covers with Disney characters printed on them is a good start. You can also change your living room curtains for Dalmatian themed curtains with the white cloths and small black spots instead. The Disney vibe can also be felt through small objects. Clocks which are shaped as Disney characters can be a brilliant option. Other than that, adding your several favorite Disney characters miniatures and placing them on cabinets also boost the Disney vibe of your house.

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