Multi-Era and Multi-Color Interior Design Trends this Year

Saturday, August 10th, 2019 - Paint Color
Luxury Interior Design With Multi-Color Idea

Trends for house change from the time to time. in this year, people do many changes in houses things. One of many house ideas that starts to gain its place among people is the multi-era and color interior design trends. What does it mean by muti-era and multi-color? have you ever see this idea in someone’s house? what kind of furniture which is used for this house ideas and what color to be used the best? Those questions must fill your head now, right? Well, below is the explanation of Multi-Era and Multi-Color Interior Design.

Multi-Color Interior Design Trends

A house with a matching furniture and color is so out of date. This year people are brave enough to combine many models of furniture and also some contrast color. in a house design, there can be many types of furniture with varied colors. That is what is meant as the multi-era and multi-color interior design trends. If you are interested to use this house idea for your house, you will feel so much different because the condition of your house is not monotone and boring. For example, in living room, you can use a vintage sofa. Then, you can complete it with minimalist wooden table. To complete the room, you can use modern simple chandelier. Simply, you mix the vintage and also the modern furniture in one room so that the room become interestingly multi-era.

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Just like furniture, you can also mix some colors for these interior design trends. Color to be mixed does not need to be matching. For example, you can mix turquoise with purple or yellow with grey. Even though the colors which are mixed are not matching, but when you combine them together in one room, they will look interesting and chic. And the most important is that this house idea can turn your house into a nice and inviting living place.

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