Modern Door Knobs Design Ideas

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 - Furniture
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Door knobs are small objects mounted on doors that serve as handrails to open and close doors. This object is usually used to open or close the door by rotating it or you can also press it. Although only a small thing but it has a great effect. Imagine if there are no knobs then you will be difficult to open and close the door. In addition, knobs also vary greatly. You can choose the knobs to suit your taste. You can match it to the color or style of your door so it will look more beautiful. Below you will get some information about to door knobs.

Door Knobs Types

The type of door knobs commonly used is a round shape. Usually there is a small button in the middle that serves to lock. But there are also some door locks in a way rotated. Along with the development era, now the type of door knobs increasingly varied. You can find oval shape, box shape, flat shape and many more. In addition, the material of manufacture also vary. They are mostly made of aluminum because it is strong, durable and anti-rust.

Interior Door Knobs Modern

Door Knobs Modern

Crystal Door Knobs Modern

Black Door Knobs Modern

Considerations before Buying

There are several things you need to consider before buying knobs. You need to choose carefully about the shape of the door handle, the size of the doorknob, the material of manufacture, size and price. The shape of the doorknob should be adjusted to the type of door to be installed. For example, the bathroom doorknob would certainly be different from the front door of the house. The size of the door handle for the bathroom, the bedroom usually only takes a small size. While the front door of the house usually requires a large doorknob and more elegant to give a beautiful impression. Doorknob making material should also be considered. Choose materials that are durable and durable. Doorknob colors also try to match the color of the door. The last is the price, compare the prices of some similar options so you will get the best price.

Based on the text above, now you already know various things related to door knobs. Hopefully this article can be useful for you especially who are looking for doorknobs. Consider carefully your choices before buying so you do not regret in the future. Ask the opinion of your closest people about the choices you make. Go grab yours!

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