Modern Armchair Designs and Tips

Monday, January 13th, 2020 - Furniture
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Modern Armchair With Footstool

Modern armchair is a perfect addition for a modern home. It looks sleek and clean and the armrests make sitting on it a comfortable experience. However, distinguishing modern chair from its classic counterparts is not always an easy task. If you want to add modern furniture, including chair, to your modern home, pay attention to the following factors to help you distinguish a modern chair from other chair types.

Sleek and Clean Lines

A modern chair must look simple and sleek with clean geometry. You may expect a modern chair to be square or rectangular with few curves in its design. The angles are definite and even the upholstery doesn’t show intricate seams and patterns. This kind of chair is perfect to be paired with table, ottoman, and other furniture pieces that are similarly sleek and clean.


Openness is the philosophy of modernity. Modern interior design puts heavy weight on the importance of keeping the interior of a building open, airy and bright. This philosophy is heavily adopted in furniture designing. Modern chair is expected to be minimalist and open, with no skirting covering its leg area. The space underneath the chair is simply as important as the remaining open space around the chair.

Modern Armchairs For Living Room

Modern Armchair Design

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Neutral Colors

Modernity attempts to appear calm and cool instead of bold and brash, yet it still doesn’t lose its energy. Neutral colors dominate the design of modern furniture, including chair. If you buy a modern chair, you will mostly encounter whites and blacks and anything neutral that stands in between. It is still possible to find bright red chair and the ones with other bold colors, but they are considered exception and the designer will still attempt to calm down their boldness by incorporating neutral colors in the design.

Power tool products

Unlike traditional chairs and furniture, which heavily rely on the skillful hands of carpenters and sculptors, modern chair is more a product of power tools and machines. Due to its simple and sleek design, modern chair can be mass-produced using power tools and machines. This production procedure is consistent with the spirit of efficiency, which is also the philosophy of modernity. One important thing to mind is that although modern armchairs are mass-produced in a factory, they are not considered inferior to handmade traditional chairs. A modern armchair features high-quality design, structure and material and simplicity promoted by the spirit of modernity.

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