Minimalist Wooden Southern Home Design

Friday, January 5th, 2018 - Tips

If you and your family want to make a house, you should consider southern house idea. For you who never seen this house, you may feel curious about the model of the house. well, you can see it in many American films. Some films use southern house idea for its setting. Southern house idea uses wooden as its material. if you are really interested in this house, then you can start to make Minimalist Wooden Southern Home Design. To get the perfect house plan, ordering from an architect maybe will make you more satisfied because the result will be definitely nice. However, if you and your family are confident enough to make it by yourself, you can use some references from internet or other sources and then go make the house plans.

Minimalist Wooden Southern Home

Southern home plans do not have the balcony if you want to make it in two floors. From the outside, this wooden house seems like has only one floor. In fact, many of them has two floors. As it is explained that this house idea use wooden as its material. So, almost all part of the house is made of wooden. The other characteristic is that it has so many windows. This is a little bit different from other house idea because on the front part, you will see those windows decorate the house.

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Then, how about the color choice for southern home plans? Mostly, southern house use brown color tone, grey or white. Even though you can use any color based on your preference, but if you really want your house resembles the real southern house idea, then you can choose the color mentioned above. Then, plant grass lawn around the house to make it look more southern.

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