Minimalist Vertical Urban Garden Design

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 - Garden

Small house is almost impossible to have garden. That is what people believe, right? But, nowadays, if you have small house, you can still possibly have a garden. But how can you have a beautiful garden in a small house? Never worry about this idea because it is no lying that you can possess a garden. Have you ever heard of Minimalist Vertical Urban Garden Design? If never, then this is the time for you to know better about it.

Modern Urban Garden Design

Vertical garden is meant for small house. However, even if it is hanging to the wall, it has the same look and taste of a garden that you can enjoy. There are many choices of location for vertical urban garden design available for you. If you have a really small house, you can make the garden in front of your house. However, if you still have some space, you can make it behind your house or even inside the house.

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Beautiful Vertical Urban Garden Design

Beautiful Vertical Urban Garden Decoration

Since the garden that you will make is the vertical garden, then you have to be careful when choosing what kind of plants or flower that you will choose. Vertical garden will only be nice to be set with small flower or plants. Never put too big plants because it will ruin your garden. If you are meant to make the garden inside your house, such as in your living room or dining room, you can choose synthetic or artificial plants. This is to keep your room stay clean and to keep the plants stay alive. Yet, you can still choose some real plants in order to make the garden look so alive and fresh. For the garden which is put outside or behind the house, you don’t need the artificial plants. Note it that this vertical urban garden design needs intensive treatment.

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