Minimalist Urban Home Decor with Colorful Interior

Saturday, February 15th, 2020 - Tips
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City life is so crowded, busy and noisy. It is full of people and vehicles so that it feels like everything becomes very hectic. The condition of city which is like that is manifested in a form of urban house idea which looks minimalist and simple yet elegant. Simplicity and elegance describe the ways people in the city live their lives. But, do you know that you can make a surprise and a breakthrough by creating Colorful Interior with Minimalist Urban Home Decor? How can you get such dream house?

Colorful Minimalist Urban Home Decor

Minimalist urban home decor if seen from the exterior is indeed very simple. It does not employ too many details. Starting from the model of the house until the model of garden and fences, all of it looks very simple. About the color choice, the house often uses one soft color theme for the whole part of the house such as grey, cream and even white. The simplicity of the model and the color choice is what makes this type of house becomes so suitable to be built in the middle of busy city life.

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If the house looks simple from outside, now it is the time for you to make some surprise for people who will visit your house. The simple urban home decor can be paired with colorful interior design. Now for the interior, you are not using one color tone anymore. You can use many different colors for each room in your house. For instance, you can paint the living room cream, and then you use green for dining room, yellow for kitchen, blue for bathrooms, and lime green for bedrooms. Since you use many different colors, remember that you have to adjust the furniture for each room. this way, you will have a different and refreshing house.

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