Minimalist Floor Lamps and Its Application

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Lighting is an important element in housing. Lighting will keep the owner able to do activities, even in the night time. The main component of lighting is lamps. There are several types of lamps. The most conventional one is the hanging lamp from the ceiling, then there’s standing lamps, desk lamps, and wall lamps that cling to the wall. After several time, there is a new breed of lamps that has evolved from time to time, it is floor lamps, which is as its name, lamps that’s on the floor. Read more about Minimalist Floor Lamps and Its Application below.

Minimalist Floor Lamps Application

Floor lamps has several advantages and disadvantages. Its ambient and sophisticated lighting effect has brought floor lamps’ popularity to rise. Its specialty cannot be achieved by another kind of lamps. However, beauty has a price. Floor lamps’ main disadvantage is its use of more wire because the wire has to be arranged around the room and cannot cross the floor area like its ceiling counterpart. See also Simple Floor Lamps for Minimalist House.

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Another disadvantage is its position makes floor lamps vulnerable to damage by accidental touch or contact. It also can be damaged by animals such as rodents. To keep the floor lamps working and awesome there are several tips to do that. Keeping the floor lamps clean will give it a nice clear light. It is also necessary to cover the lamp with some protectors to avoid damage from contact. Read also Choose The Perfect Floor Lamps for Your Room.

There are several application to floor lamps that can help it to stand out the house. Floor lamps can be applied to indoor gardens to reveal texture from below and give such sophistication to the nature. It also can be applied to the guest room if there is ornaments on the wall to highlight and elevate it. Sometimes floor lamps can be applied to the pool. It also suit the artwork showroom to give artsy, sophistication, high-class look and give emphasis on every single artwork.

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