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Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 - Kitchen
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Pancake Pantry Kitchen

Pancake pantry is the famous restaurant in Nashville. Many people are so interesting to try some meals on this restaurant. This restaurant is well-known because of its variety of pancakes. If you want to know more about the pancake pantry, you can follow my article below.

Pancake Pantry Table

Pancake Pantry Modern

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All about Pancake pantry

Pancake pantry is built since 1961. It becomes the Nashville tradition for some generations of families. The special ingredients of the menus in pancake pantry always catch some visitors to try every menu on this restaurant. Why the pancake and waffles on the pancake pantry are really special? There are some reasons why the meals on this restaurant are different and so special. First, the special flours used in the waffles and pancakes are chosen from the hills of East Tennessee. Then, the batter and its syrup is made by the secret family recipe which make it so delicious and these ingredients are made daily to create the fresh ingredients which are going to be served to all the special guests in this restaurant.

The people can get the best food which are guaranteed by the owner. They can guarantee about the fresh, yummy and the great meals offered. The friendly and greatest services are also provided by the pancake pantry. Most of the employee are the experience one and they will give an extra great service for all of the customers.

Pancake Pantry menu

There are some options related to the menu that you can order on the pancake pantry. You can try some different delightful pancakes, omelet, toast, burger and also salad here.

  1. American deluxe burger can be the right choice for your lunch menu. The grilled bun which is completed with the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and also pickles. People can also add more melted cheese on its burger.
  2. Sweet potato pancake is the recommended pancake. It is a unique pancake which is powdered with the cinnamon and sugar, people can put the cinnamon cream syrup as the additional accent.
  3. French toast in this restaurant is different with others. They use the thick of French bread, and the sprinkle of sugar and also cinnamon. People can add the whipped butter and the homemade maple syrup on its toast.
  4. Grill cooks’s medley is the best seller. Hash brown with the onion, ham, green peppers with the melted American and also Swiss cheese founded on pancake pantry.
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