Luxury Rustic French Home Decorating Idea

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French home decor is a good choice for you who want to have a warm house. Rustic furniture will bring you to the time when everything feel so warm, life is in peaceful and it will also make you forget every business of yours. Actually it is easy to decorate your house with french house idea because there is no much difference from other ideas. You can still use the same furniture and same color theme. However, when you are done decorating your house, you will see your house is so different from other.

Luxury Rustic French Home Decoration

The first important thing in French Home Decorating Idea is color theme. Color will define whether you house will be a french house or not. If you are mistaken when choosing color theme, then it is possible that you will fail to get the house that you dream about. Well, in this case, french house idea usually uses brown, cream, or other similar colors. For rustic french house, it will be nice if you use brown. It is because brown will match the natural rustic furniture that you use.

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Some rustic furniture you can purchase for french home decor is like vanity for your bedroom, or living room cabinets. Moreover, for the ceiling, you can use some rustic timber to give more rustic touch to the room. Since you use brown and natural rustic furniture, for living room you are suggested to use vintage sofa, carpet and curtain. This will make the room look more stunning. The combination of rustic and vintage touch will make you feel like living in a peaceful place in a country, far from the noisiness and business of the city. Using rustic chairs set in the dining room and kitchen is a good choice for you who want to have rustic house.

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