Linen Bathroom Storage Tower Design

Friday, October 11th, 2019 - Bathroom
Minimalist Bathroom With Storage Tower

Who says that bathroom does not need storage? Even though bathroom is meant for showering or other simple activities, but it do need storage too, just like the other rooms in our houses. We have so many things to be stored in our bathroom such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and towels. Moreover, we usually have so much linen to be stored in our bathroom. If we don’t have storage, e will be very confused to put it. It is impossible to put those things on a table or it is even weirder if you just put them on a box, right? So, it means that you need Nice Bathroom Storage Tower for your bathroom stuff.

Linen Bathroom Storage Tower Design

There two kinds of storage tower for bathroom; they are the storage with door and without door. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The storage which is equipped with door enable us to save many things inside the storage, whether we are tidy or not to save it. It will not be a problem because nobody can see our bathroom storage tower if they do not open the storage. Moreover, the linen or things you save inside the storage will be kept cleanly because there will be no stain or dust that can touch it. On the contrary, the storage without door will make your linen or things easy to become dirty. Moreover, if you have this type of storage, you have to arrange your things carefully and tidy because there is no door to cover all those things so that it will be seen by all people who enter your bathroom. But, the storage without door will make your bathroom look neat and nice. In addition, the absence of the door will ease you to take the linen from the storage.

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If you want to have both bathroom storage tower with and without door, you can easily make a custom storage by combining those storages. Separate the storage into two parts, the upper and the lower. You can equip the lower part of the storage with door and leave the upper part without door.

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