Keep Your Cabinet Pretty with Unique Cabinet Knobs

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 - Furniture
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Cabinet Knobs Ideas

Don’t underestimate the decoration power of pretty cabinet knobs. Besides its original function to make opening the cabinets easier, the knobs also serves decorative purpose that will make your ordinary cabinets ten times prettier.

As the cabinets get older, it is very common to find the knobs get detached from its rightful place at the door of the cabinets. Most of the times, you won’t be bothered to reattach it or to purchase new knobs as long as you still can open the door. But now that you know the knobs of the cabinets can make your house prettier, make sure to take this matter more seriously and use these tips to get creative with the knobs of your cabinets.

Cabinet Knobs Modern

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Black

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Contemporary

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Modern

Shop for Cool Cabinet Knobs with Pretty Shapes and Materials

If the knob is detached from your cabinet, don’t rush to reattach it again. Instead, browse various online stores to shop for cool cabinet knobs. Don’t stick with the same color or shape with the old knobs. It will be much better if you explore new shapes and materials. Combining a simple wooden cabinet with rose petal shaped knobs made of glass is actually much better than what you imagine. Or you can go with brass or bronze if you want more rustic and traditional vibe.

Get Creative with Unused Materials

You can also replace the knobs with something more creative and out of the box, like beaded bracelet for example. With some DIY skill, you can convert a simple beaded bracelet into a beautiful knob for cabinet. Not only pretty, it will also feel different on your hand and it can actually provide a better grip. But if you are not ready to give too much makeover to your cabinets, you can simply paint the knobs with new color. The change will not be too obvious, but still give a new vibe to your old cabinets.

Recycle the Old Knobs

If you are about to ditch your old cabinets but the exquisite glass knobs are too pretty to get rid of, then you should save the knobs. There are so many things you can do with the door knobs to decorate your house, especially they are made of pretty material like art glass or granite. You can paste it onto the lid of a mason jar or stick them into wine stoppers. You can even turn them into a coatrack or jewelry handle. With some spark of creativity dusts, you can turn the old cabinet knobs into the prettiest decoration.

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