Interesting DIY Bathrooms for Kids

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 - Bathroom

Everything which is meant for kids and for adults is different, including bathrooms. Kids’ bathrooms should be interesting and cute because kids love everything which is cute, colorful, and amusing. If you want to make a bathroom for your kids, you can decorate it yourself with the ideas of Interesting DIY Bathrooms for Kids. When decorating the bathroom, you have to pay attention to the paint, furniture and accessories that you will use for the room.

DIY Kids Bathrooms Ideas

Before picking the color, you have to know first that kids usually love colorful things. So, never worry to use more than one color for the bathrooms. You have many choices of how you use the colors. You can combine the color on the wall or use one basic color then you make some colorful picture above it. For instance, you paint the wall blue or pink for girls, then you make a big picture of Barbie, mickey mouse, hello kitty or other interesting cartoon icons. The other choice, you separate the space in the bathroom with different paint: plain white for the shower room and stripes white, blue, purple, and other colors for the other space in the bathroom. These diy bathrooms are what kids want. It will be better if you separate the space using colorful and interesting curtains.

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DIY Bathroom Decorating Idea For Kids

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Then, choose the right furniture and accessories for the kids’ bathrooms. For the mirror, you don’t need to put a mirror with complicated look. Instead, a simple and cute one is more interesting for kids. Installing two wall lamps each in the left and the right of the mirror will help to light up and cheer the room. When you make diy bathrooms for kids, it is better to involve them in the decorating process because it will please and satisfy them. Thus, when using the bathroom, they will feel so glad.

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