How to Use Cobalt Blue for Vintage French Home Decor

Friday, June 28th, 2019 - Paint Color
Vintage Home Accessories With Cobalt Blue Color

French home decor does not always mean brown, cream, and other same color tone. Yes it is true that french house is a vintage house idea that uses natural and soft colors combination, but if you are brave enough to make a difference, you can combine the house idea with other uncommon color. It is combined with other colors to get the fresher look so that you will not feel bored with the french house which is common monotone with brown. One of the colors which can be used for french house idea is cobalt blue. But, How to Use Cobalt Blue for Vintage French Home Decor? What happens if you don’t make the right combination of those colors? Below is the answer.

Cobalt Blue Vintage French Home Color

Even though you will use cobalt blue, but still the basic color for the vintage french home decor is brown. However, since blue and brown are the contrast colors, you have to take the right step when combining them. After you paint the walls brown, you can now think about in which part you will put the cobalt blue in your house. For instance, for living room you can use flowery vintage cobalt blue curtain. Then, it is also nice if you use the simple cobalt blue sofa. Well, now you have two elements of cobalt blue in the room, right? If you still want to add more blue to the room to get the bold blue, don’t worry because you can still do it.

Vintage Furniture For French Home Decor

Vintage French Kithcen With Cobalt Blue Color

Vintage French Home With Cobalt Blue Color

Vintage French Home Decorating Idea

French Home Color For Bathroom Interior

Cobalt Blue Vintage French Home Decor

Cobalt Blue Color For Vintage Home Furniture

Cobalt Blue Color For French Home Interior

Cobalt Blue Accessories For French Home Decor

Besides sofa and curtain, you can also choose some cobalt blue accessories for your vintage french home decor. For example, cobalt blue table lamps for the corner of your living room are the sweetest elements you can give to the room. In addition, you can also put a painting which uses cobalt blue color too.

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