How to Get the Best of Living Room Shelving

Friday, October 11th, 2019 - Living room
Wooden Shelving For DIY Living Room Decor

Living room shelving can be really important for your living room. Books, family photos, figurines, all can be organized and displayed prettily if you put effort for your living room shelving.

Bookcase is one of the most popular living room shelving solutions. Not only books, you can also put special trophies, vases, or other collections there. In addition, you can find many designs of bookcase on shops easily since they’re popular. But, if you think bookcase is too common, there is ton of ideas of How to Get the Best of Living Room Shelving that you can choose for your living room.

Best Living Room Shelving

Ladder-style shelving can be an attractive way to put your stuff on view. It pretty much looks like a bookcase, but has this “leaning on the wall” characteristic of a ladder. Moreover, unlike a bookcase, it doesn’t have big foots. However, since its concept is “leaning on the wall”, of course you have to use nails to fasten it to the wall so it won’t fall down.

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Another unique living room shelving solution that you can try is floating or hanging display shelves. These types of shelving don’t use the floor to stand but only walls. They have no foots so the only thing that keep them on the walls are nails. If you don’t like the usual neat order of the shelves, you can use your creativity and place each shelf in an arbitrary place. Instead of having the woods in the same exact length, you can get a different charm if you let the woods have various lengths.

Height is an essential aspect in living room shelving. Some people don’t mind having high shelving and some others do. If you decide to get a high one, it’s better to put stuff that you rarely use or those you have only for display because it’s a hassle to always have to climb a ladder to get your stuff from the shelves.

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