How to Choose Lighting for Modular Kitchen Designs

Monday, February 17th, 2020 - Kitchen
Lighting Design For Modular Kitchen

Cooking activity is so fun to do in the daylight. But, when it comes to night, the kitchen starts to change. The room which used to be bright in the day now turns to be a little dark in the night. When you want to cook noodles for example, or you just intend to take something from your refrigerator, you may feel scary. When you walk into the kitchen, the shadow in the corner may be the thing you don’t want to see. Eventually you don’t want to visit your kitchen alone at night anymore. So, lighting plays very important role in making your kitchen the best bright place for both day and night. If your kitchen is using modular kitchen designs, then you have to Choose Lighting for Modular Kitchen Design which is suitable for the designs in order to get the best kitchen ever.

Modular Kitchen Lighting Designs

Modular kitchen is different from other kitchen design. It uses the splicing kitchen cabinets so that the kitchen may look fuller compared to other design. So, when choosing the lighting, you have to use different lighting too. Well, there are many kinds of lighting ideas for kitchen. If you want to make your modular kitchen designs look as bright as daylight when it is night, you have to add the main lighting and also task lighting. What is the different between the main and task lighting for the kitchen? Here is the explanation for you.

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Lighting Idea For Modular Kitchen

Main kitchen lighting or widely known as ambiance lighting is the main lighting to illuminate the kitchen. It is installed in your kitchen ceiling. For this ambiance kitchen, you can use chandelier, lamps, neon, or ceiling kitchen. For modular kitchen designs, you are recommended to use ceiling lamp because it is able to illuminate the whole kitchen including the corners. The lamps can be planted to the ceiling even on the ceiling above the cabinets. Then, you can also install task lighting under your kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen look brighter.

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