How to Choose Best Ceiling Lights For Every Room in Your Home

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 - Furniture

Ceiling lights are always chosen by many people to add exotic look in their home. Today, there are so many types of ceiling light. Sometime, it makes people confuse to choose best ceiling light for every room in their home. If you experience same condition, you can use some tips will be explained below.

What is a Good Ceiling Light for My Room?

Actually, not every ceiling light will be good for your room. You need to consider about the size of your room and the type of ceiling light you need to choose. First, let’s we talk about the size of room. Narrow room will look weird if it is decorated with pendant light. You are better to choose track lighting to decorate your narrow room.

For you who have large room, you can choose pendant lights. But, it also depends on the height of your room. How height the distance between ceiling and floor of your room? If the distance is short, you are better to choose flashmount light. But if the distance is high, you can choose pendant light, such as crystal, chandelier, and other pendant light.

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Recommended Ceiling Light For Decorating Your Room

After reading some explanation above, you may be able to choose best ceiling light for your room. But for you who still confuse, you can choose one of ceiling lights below:

  • Flashmount Light (Close to Ceiling)

As mentioned before, flashmount light is good to be installed in narrow room. Flashmount light is best choice to create a bright narrow room. There are so many types of flashmount light. You can choose it based on your interest.

  • Chandeliers

For you who like luxury lighting, you can choose chandeliers. Chandeliers look elegant and beautiful. It is type of ceiling light that will be good to be installed in large room with high ceiling.

  • Crystal

Same with chandeliers, crystal will also give exotic and luxury look in a room. It is also good for large room with high ceiling, such as living room, large dining room, and other large rooms.

  • Track Lighting

If you need unique lighting, you can choose track lighting. It is a type of ceiling lights that will be good to be installed in narrow room. The combination of some small lights will create elegant look in your room.

Other recommended ceiling lights that can be your recommendation are recessed lighting, lighting fixtures, mini-chandeliers entryway-foyer, mini-pendant light, and many more.

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