How to Choose Bathroom Storage for Narrow Room

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 - Bathroom

Narrow rooms always become problems when it comes to decorating a house. The limited space makes you hard to place the furniture. Furthermore, you cannot put all stuff you want, but you should eliminates some of them that may be not so important. But, how if you think that you need to put a thing, while you don’t have space anymore?

Small Bathroom Storage Idea

Let us take an example, in your bathroom, you need to put a bath tub, a vanity set, and also a bathroom storage. All those three things are important but your bathroom is just too narrow. Then, what should you do? Throw away one of them may be a solution, but is there any other idea? Yes, definitely the better idea for such narrow bathroom is How to Choose Bathroom Storage for Narrow Room.

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When facing a problem with narrow room, never think of eliminating furniture. But, consider to change the furniture with the smaller one. If there is still not enough space, you can try to merge two stuffs or more. Have you ever tried this before? In this case, you can merge your bathroom storage and bathroom vanity together. Make a cabinet for storage that is combined with the vanity. Or, simply say, you install a mirror in the middle of the cabinet. This will really save some space in the room.

Another way is you can merge your bathroom storage with your bath tub. Are you surprised with this idea? Then, don’t be, because it is a very brilliant yet nice idea. You can arrange your custom storage and tub if you want. But, you can also put the storage in the edge of your tub. Or, you can hang your storage on the wall beside your tub. This is what it means by merging storage with bath tub.

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