How to Build Cottage Living Rooms

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 - Living room

Cottage style is comfortable, casual, and personal. Generally, cottage-style room is associated with coziness. Light colors and mismatched furnishings are examples of the main characteristics of cottage décor. Cottage Living room Designs are basically humble and modest that they invite people to enjoy relaxing there.

How to Build Cottage Living Rooms

Decorate your living room and turn it into something that radiates some cozy cottage charm isn’t so difficult to do. First, to get a cottage feel, you can do the simple thing like giving your furniture floral patterns. It can be the cushion covers, the tablecloth, or anything else. Keep the floral prints as a light touch only. Never use excessive floral prints as too many patterns will make your living room look exceedingly sweet. You can pair the floral patterns with fresh flowers in mismatched vases.

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Afterwards, use soft and clean colors to accommodate the cottage feel. If you mix pastel colors, try to keep with one or two shades so it won’t look too plain. As you try to achieve cottage living rooms with all its pure and laid-back characters, do not put something shocking bright or sparkling colors in your living room. Add layer in pale green, blue, or pink. If you want to add bold colors, you can give a bit of it by limiting it to a handful of small furniture or accessories and still keep them under the same tones.

Keep in mind not to get elegant furniture such as a big chandelier. Stay with floor standing lamps is a wiser decision, especially lamps with plain colors as the covers. Add simple and windy curtains for a better look to your cottage living rooms. Faded prints and peeled paint can improve the vintage charm of your living room but don’t overuse them. Balance the worn out look with newer furniture and keep the color schemes simple.

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