Formal Living Room for Small House

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 - Living room
What Is An Formal Concept Living Room

Decorating small house is always daunting and also confusing at the same time. To the small house you cannot add too much furniture and too many accessories. Moreover, you have also pay attention to the size of the furniture and all things you want to buy because the room will not be able to accommodate the things since it is just too small. However, don’t worry about this because there are some tips to decorate your small house. Formal living room is a nice choice of house ideas for the small living room. Here are the explanation and also tips to decorate Formal Living Room for Small House.

Small Formal Living Room

Formal living room is preferable for small house because it uses simple furniture and also good colors. If you are a bit confused about this house idea, you can imagine the simplicity of an office. See? It does not have too much details and it also use a nice bright color without too much combination. So, the room looks definitely sweet and also looks larger than it is.

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Well, to decorate your small house, let us begin from the furniture of formal living room. For the chair set, you can choose the simple broken white, grey or black sofa. Since the room is meant to be formal, so you have to choose the simple sofa. For the table, you can use the simple table too, such as glass table. Then, it is nice to put a plain carpet under your sofa. For the color theme of the room, don’t choose too bright and too dark color. Grey or cream will be a nice choice for the room because it is simple and it can help you to make the room look larger and also brighter. For the lighting, if the room is high, you can use a modern chandelier. Yet, if the room is too short, you can use ceiling lighting instead.

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