DIY Urban Garden for Your Back Yard

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 - Garden
Urban Backyard Garden Design With Wooden Furniture

Do you have an area in your back yard and you are confused how to use it? If it is so, you can use the area for a garden. When you heard about garden, you may think that it is hard to make a garden design because you are not the expert on it. However, do you know that actually you can make your own garden by yourself and your family? And don’t worry about the result because it will be as nice as if you ask other people to do it. An urban garden design is what you need for your DIY Urban Garden for Back Yard, and below is how to turn your back yard into a nice and interesting garden.

DIY Back Yard Garden

In a garden, we usually see a pool and other conventional urban garden decor. But, this time, we will try to make your garden look so different. Garden is actually not meant only for flowers and pool. In fact, you can plants many kinds of vegetables too in the garden. This will be even more beneficial for you. For the vegetables, you and your family can work together to make a diy mobile vegetable planter. Besides fun to make it together with your family, you will also feel it is easier to do it together.

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However, how to make it and what kind of materials do you need? Well, to make the diy vegetable urban garden planter, you have to prepare some timber or bamboo, nails, and also wheels. You can make the plan for the planter which resembles a car. Then, after your get the plan, you can start to nail each timber to build the planter. Finally, don’t forget to use the wheels too. After everything is done, you can plants some vegetables in it. The benefit of this mobile vegetable planter is that it can be moved easily to any spot that you like.

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