Decorating Cottage Living Rooms to Be Comfy

Sunday, January 5th, 2020 - Living room
Cottage Living Room Decor Color Scheme

Cottage living rooms ideas are the other choices for living room which begin gain its name among people. If recently minimalist and modern house ideas become so famous, now people including you maybe look for something different. Cottage living room is indeed a good solution for you who want to have a living room which is so fresh, natural, warm, and also romantic. It is anti-mainstream yet it still offers you comfort. If you are about to Decorate Cottage Living Rooms to Be Comfy, never feel worry about the comfort of the room because cottage living room guarantees the comfort for you.

Cottage Living Room Decor

In cottage living rooms, comfort is the first thing to offer. So, it is no wonder if the cottage ideas often use so many cushions in the living room. It also uses big sofa, and soft carpet. Never feel doubt to use any cushions for the room because the more cushions you involve, the warmer room will be. All those things are meant to make the room feel warm and make the people inside the room gets more and more intimate. For the chair, you can also combine the sofa with the wooden chair set. Just like the cushion, never worry to put so many chairs to the room, even if you use more than one model of chair.

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Cottage living rooms idea usually uses bright color such as white or shabby chic. Yet, if you want to use a little darker color, you can choose brown. It is because brown is so natural that it also represents the color of wood and ground. The curtain that is usually used is also high and wide. Floral vintage curtain will be nice to cover your large windows. And the last, don’t forget to use classic chandelier to add more warm and natural touch to the room.

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