Cool Aquamarine Urban Home Decor

Monday, January 1st, 2018 - Paint Color

Among many home decorations, one of which are so stunning and are searched the most by people is urban home decor. This is because urban decor has many choices of colors and many models of furniture. Whoever lives in a house with urban decor, they will feel so comfortable and amused because the decoration is refreshing. It means that you will not get bored to be in your house, no matter how long it is. If you love something cool and look smooth and warm, you can try Cool Aquamarine Urban Home Decor.

Aquamarine Home Decor

This home decor is dominated by aquamarine but it does not mean that all things should be in aquamarine. Yet, you can combine it with white. Paint a side of your walls aquamarine and the others with white. To get the most stunning decor, you can install the aquamarine wallpaper. Then, choose sofa or chair set in white. This is to create the harmonious look. If you prefer a set of sofa, you can put cushions or rug in aquamarine too. One or two pinky cushions will be nice to give color to the room. See also Turquoise Home Decoration Ideas For Modern and Classic Home.

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This urban home decor will look cooler if you hang decorations on the walls, such as paintings or family portrait. But, remember, since the color theme is aquamarine, and then you have to choose soft colored frame such as blue, pink, or purple. For this home decor, a glass table with modern look is the most suitable one. Read also Color Combinations For Excellent Kitchen Color Schemes.

Then, a modern crystal chandelier above the room will also be a good combination for the room. Choosing the modern one full covered with crystal will be very nice. This will give clean look and romanticism to the room. Besides, the aquamarine and glass are two elements which have something in common, which is portrayed the clarity and the beauty of water.

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