Cons and Pros of Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Saturday, June 24th, 2017 - Kitchen

Among many of kitchen worktops available in the market, one of which is mostly chosen by people is laminate worktop. In a glance, we may be in love with its appearance because it is so shiny and beautiful. In addition, we also often hear that laminate kitchen worktop has so many benefits for us. But, actually, this kind of kitchen worktop also has disadvantages too. This information may help you to consider whether you will choose laminate worktop or other materials. So, here are the Cons and Pros of Laminate Kitchen Worktops.

Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Since we often hear about the pros, now let us begin with the cons first. Laminate kitchen worktops are made of the material which needs extra care. You have to look for it carefully. Although it may resist the heat, but if you put a high-temperature fan, it may damage the worktop. Then, be careful also when you chop any vegetables or groceries. Never chop on the surface of the laminate directly. Thus, you have to use the board to protect the surface. Then, another cons is that since it has timber substrate in it, you should be careful about water. Too much water penetration may blow the timber and cause damage on the worktop.

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Now let us talk about the pros of laminate kitchen worktops. Compared to its cons, the pros are actually more interesting. First, laminate worktop it the most affordable material for worktop compared to the others such as granite, wooden, stainless steel, etc. Second, even though it is affordable, but it offers you long durability. It is because the laminate is so resistant to heat, strain and scratch. Third, it is easy and quick to install. Fourth, it is available in various finishes and colors. The last is that it is so beautiful and realistic that you may find it hard to differentiate between the laminate and the stone or wooden worktop.

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