Complete Guide of Vessel Sinks (with Pros and Cons)

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 - Furniture
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Vessel Sink Trendy

Vessel sinks are something that might be a bit fancy for you or even your favorite type of sink. This type of sink could provoke certain emotions like the delightfulness, wonderment, or even confusion. But we will confidently say that almost no one has neutral opinion when it comes to the vessel sink.

Vessel Sinks Vanity

Vessel Sinks Bathroom

Vessel Sink Modern

Vessel Sink Cabinet

The type of vessel sinks

Vessel sink is available in two types according to how it is installed.

The first one is above-counter installation. The basin of the sink will rest on the top of vanity or counter, completely. This is also the most common type of vessel sink imagined by many people.

The second one is the recessed installation. This type of sink will allow greater stability for the basin even for the heavier ones. Other than that, only about half-way down of the basin is resting,

The pros of vessel sinks

Style is the most distinctive you can find on this sink type. Besides, you already put some unique touch in your bathroom without sacrificing too much on the money.

The installation is also kind of the easiest compared to other sink types. Easier installation and inexpensive cost will be double combo that could not be missed after all. For this sink, you will only need one hole cut and then you can create the drain pipe.

Since the sink is not stuck in place, you can change the basin easily. Another perk you will get by installing vessel sink is the fewer required space.

The cons of vessel sinks

But some people and even designers consider this type of sink becomes a bit impractical or verging. Besides, it seems dated as well.

When it comes to durability, vessel sink tends to be prone of breakage and chipping since the basin’s edges are exposed. Even though some of them provide great stability, it is only secured at one point. If you want better stability then your option is only the drop-in sink.

You will find it a bid difficult to clean certain part like the point where the basin meets the countertop or vanity. Other than that, you will not find the overflow relief drains on this sink type, not to mention the height is a bit higher than other sink types.

This sink definitely gives nice tough on your bathroom. But if you do not like the shape then you better go with other decorative element rather than stick with vessel sinks.

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