Characteristics of Tuscan Interior Design

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 - Tips

Are you bored of the ordinary house ideas such as minimalist house design? Well, if too many people use the same idea, we may get bored because sometimes we want a house with different yet nice look. If it is true, then you can look at the tuscan interior design. Tuscan design combines the beauty of stonework with the elegance of wooden element. You will be amazed once you look at the house with tuscan design. Here are the Characteristics of Tuscan Interior Design.

Tuscan Home Interior Design

The first characteristic is about its color. Tuscan have unque color palette that reflects the country side in sunny day. The color of gold, burgundy, brass, terracotta and burnt orange will make a perfect combination in a tuscan house. If you want to add other color as a combination, you can choose sage or olive green. Then, for the walls, tuscan interior design usually has stonework that look a little rough and random. But the beauty of this design lies in its roughness and random wall stonework. You can get the most beautiful look of the wall by applying pant finish. This will make your wall look so aged and classy.

How To Build Tuscan Interior Design

Furniture Design For Tuscan Interior Design

Dining Room With Tuscan Interior Design

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Luxury Kitchen With Tuscan Interior Design

The third characteristic of tuscan interior design is its natural flooring. Wither stone, rile or timber, the flooring for this home design should look so natural. To give the variation to the house, you can put some natural carpets in your tuscan house. This will make a slight difference. The other characteristic is that it usually uses solid wooden furniture with dark finish. Wooden carved furniture is more suitable for this kind of house because it will create the country and classic feel. Then, the last characteristic is its lighting.

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