Blue and Green Peacock Home Decor

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 - Tips

The color of peacock is really fascinating. The combination of blue and olive green makes it look so elegant that people cannot stop taking a look at them. Nowadays we often see many things use peacock as its main theme, such as clothes, bags, and even furniture for home. Some furniture for peacock home decor is mostly dominated by blue and green. There are many ways to make a Blue and Green Peacock Home Decor, such as installing peacock wall art or sculptures, peacock accessories, and peacock furniture. You can choose one or two of them without having to make the whole part of your house is filled by peacock elements because too much peacock touch will make your house look weird instead.

Peacock Home Decor

If you are into peacock wall art, paintings or sculptures, you can install it in your walls and put some peacock sculpture in your house. It is better if you paint the walls white and let the peacock art or sculpture on your walls becomes the center of attention. The blue and green color from the peacock will give color to your walls. So, you don’t need to paint the wall blue or green. You can also add some accessories for peacock home decor such as peacock wine holder, peacock glass flower vase, etc.

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Another way you can apply in your house to get blue and green peacock home decor is by filling your house with peacock furniture. For your living room, you can choose sofa with peacock colors such as blue, then put some pillows with the pictures or motifs of peacock. Then, you can also equip the sofa with carpet that has peacock feature as its pattern. The combination of blue and green in your living room is going to be amazing.

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