Black Floral Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 - Bathroom

Are you bored with your bathroom? Do you want to upgrade the room to make you and your family feels comfortable when using it? Well, actually it is easy to upgrade a living place including bathrooms. You don’t need to change te furniture placement or even to change the furniture. What you have to do is using the bathroom wallpaper! This is very simple, affordable but gives great effect on your bathroom.

Black Floral Bathroom Wallpaper

Yes it is true that using wallpaper is more affordable than changing the whole part of your bathroom. But, what kind of wallpaper you should use if you still have no idea, you can use Black Floral Wallpaper for Bathrooms. Never think that black will make the room look so narrow. On the contrary, it will create a classy and timelessly beautiful bathroom. Black floral will give you energy and create the elegance in the room. But, in order to give light to the room, you have to be smart using it. Since the wallpaper is black, it is better if you use it for a half-part of your walls. It means that you stick the wallpaper not from the floor, but you give the space about one or one point five meters from the floor. Paint the wall white to bounce the light to the room. Then you can use wallpaper for the upper part of your wall.

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But, how about the small bathroom? How to use black floral wallpaper for bathrooms for the narrow room? Well, it is easy. You can stick the wallpaper without any worry about the effect of becoming smaller because you can add a big mirror to help the room gain the light. It will bounce the light, give shadow and create the effect of large bathroom. Then, the last, don’t forget to install wall lamp to make your bathroom look even classier.

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