Basement Bedroom for Teenage Boys

Sunday, March 29th, 2020 - Bedroom
Boys Bedroom Design With Colorful Decoration

Turning a basement into a bedroom is a great thing because basement is commonly used for warehouse. It is usually dirty, clumsy, and full of things. But it actually can be very stunning, comforting, and inviting if you decorate it with basement bedroom design for your sons. Basement which is usually spacious is very suitable for teenage boys because they need so much space for their activities. Furthermore, boys usually invite their friends to stay at their bedroom. That is why spacious basement bedroom is very good for boys.

Basement Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Basement Bedroom for Teenage Boys not need so much furniture. It means that even though it is spacious, it does not mean that you should put so much furniture. Instead, just let it spacious to make it become a nice place for staying. Actually, the best thing when decorating a basement is by involving your teenage boys too. This will make the room go as they want. For instance, if your sons are into music, then you can make a decoration related to music. You can use wallpaper with some music notes, or music instruments. For the color theme, you are suggested to use bright color such as white or bright blue. This aims to create the effect of brighter since basement does not get so much light from outside.

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For bedding, since the basement bedroom is meant for boys, you can give them a bed with short legs. This will make them more comfortable to use the room. Then, don’t put too big cupboard or wardrobe. Pay attention seriously to the lighting of the room because lighting play important role for basement room. The last, it will be nice if you put carpet to cover the whole floor of the room to make it feels warmer and more comfortable.

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