Alternative Non-Pink Girls Bedroom Décor

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 - Bedroom
Girls Bedroom Idea With Kids Furniture

Usually when talking about girls bedroom decor, people always refer it to pink, which is a popular color associated to girls. But nowadays, there are various girls bedroom décor aside from the pink themed one. If you are girls who don’t want a pink themed bedroom but still dream of bedrooms that give such calming and fresh feeling, there are many Alternative Non-Pink Girls Bedroom Décor that can be picked personally based on interests or personalities.

Girls Bedroom Décor

First, color is a focal point in girls bedroom decor. You can use soft and fresh color like light green or light blue as a substitute of pink for the walls. If you don’t like using single color for your room, you can add another soft color like white or anything pastel for other parts of the walls. It will help keeping the room not looking dull.

Second, girls are usually viewed as neat and this quality can be applied to the bedroom style and arrangement. For a simple and neat look, you can put the bed beside the window, facing one wardrobe. Then you can place a desk and a chair beside the bed or put a little space in between and add a small drawer. For the bookshelves, it’s a nice idea to position it near the desk. Mirror or make-up cabinet can be placed next to the wardrobe. Then, you will have some space left in the middle that you can use to put a carpet. If you have another cabinet for TV or other things, you still can put it across the bed, after the carpet.

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For a better look, you can do the third step which is having some addition like white curtains and some drawings or paintings above the bed. A pot of plant beside the make-up cabinet could enhance the fresh feeling of the room as well. If you prefer a smaller plant, you may put it on the window counter. It’s also recommended to play with the color of the room. Choose pillows, bed cover or sheets with matching colors. It is better if you don’t use the same color for all of them because it might look a bit tacky.

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