A Brief Introduction to Door Handles

Sunday, December 24th, 2017 - Tips

Sometimes a little detail that we miss every time is in fact a crucial part of the whole mechanism that we use every day. The thing that is very helpful is indeed the thing we usually forget. Door handles is one of those crucial parts. We use it every day but don’t really pay attention to it. Door handles help us to open and close the door easily. For hinged doors and sliding doors, it means that we just have to grab on them and easily open the door, we don’t have to slip our fingers between the door and the wall just to open it. Read A Brief Introduction to Door Handles below.

Door Handles Design Ideas

In the past, door handles didn’t come with lock integrated with it. More traditional house which has wooden door only has a small part in the side-middle part of the house to give ease to the owner. Other culture uses ring-shaped handles made of metals that resembles antique device to knock. Lock did not come with door handles integrally. They usually were attached at the edge of doors with some kind of piece of wooden or metal to avoid the doors from opening from the other side. See also Uses and Designs of Sliding Doors.

Classic Luxury Door Handle Design

Simple Door Handle For Wardrobe

Simple Door Handle Design Idea

Minimalist Luxury Door Handle Design

Minimalist Door Handle For Wooden Door

Luxury Door Handle With Classic Design

Elegant Door Handles For Luxury Home

Elegant Door Handle For Luxury Home

Door Handle Design For Luxury Home

Crystal Door Handle Design Idea

Present day door handles is an evolution of the past one that we know now. The integrated lock has given the house more convenience and also security. Nowadays, some door handles even has evolved more and gain more technology tech. There are password-encrypted door handles that is integrated with the whole house security system. This has been a part of a movement we know as home automation. Read also How to Choose Door Handles for Your House.

Another type of evolved door handles is the door handle with biometrics lock. This handles contain biometrics scanner such as fingerprint scanner, face verification, voice recognition and more advanced technology that brings even more security to this part that is sometimes forgotten.

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