3 Factors to Consider When Buying Sofa Armchair Set

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 - Furniture
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Sofa Armchair Set Model

A sofa armchair set looks and feels great in both your living room and your family room. A sofa set provides comfort to your guests and is perfect for family gathering in front of a television. While a sofa provides enough sitting space for two or more people, depending on its size, an armchair can be a complement if you need to add one-seater to your sofa set. The combination of sofa and armchair in your living room and family room thus provides extra comfort as well as warmth evoked by both the seat’s design and the sense of togetherness that you enjoy with your guests and family members. Here are 3 factors to consider if you decide to add a sofa and armchair set to your home.

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Sofa Armchair Set Designs


A sofa is available in various sizes. You can buy a sofa for two, three or four people depending on your needs and preferences. You can also buy an L-shaped sofa that accommodates more people and is a perfect choice if your limited room’s space requires you to use it. An armchair, although generally used by only one person, is actually also available in various sizes. The generic armchair is a one-seater that is specifically designed to pamper one sitter. Besides this chair, there is also a loveseat that is larger than armchair but smaller than a two-seater. Choose the right sofa and armchair size and make sure that your room has enough space to contain it.


Design of a sofa and armchair covers many elements that are too broad to be discussed here. It generally includes the design of the backrest (fixed or cushion backrest), arms (scroll, flared, square, or Howard), and legs (sabre, stiletto, plinth, bun, turned, or invisible). Each element of the design of the sofa and armchair has its own pros and cons that you can observe when you try the seating before purchase. What is important is that the design of the sofa should match the design of the armchair. Your sofa and armchair don’t necessarily have to have the same design, but as long as they are visually harmonious, you have chosen the right design for your sofa.

Extra Features

Both sofa and armchair offer some extra features. Both sofa and armchair are available as a recliner that allows you to raise its footrest and tilts its backrest and a sofa bed that can be used alternately as a seat and a bed. If you think that these extra features are desirable, you can always buy a sofa armchair set that includes them.

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