3 Classic Armchair Styles You Should Know

Monday, January 13th, 2020 - Furniture
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Classic Armchair Styles Furniture

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of modern furniture trend, many people still regard sticking with classic armchair styles as worthwhile. People who think that modern chair looks too bland and too simple will find the highly decorated classic armchair more visually appealing. Modern chair also tends to be small and minimalistic, sometimes to the extent that it cannot provide enough support when used for sitting. If you think that a classic armchair is more consistent with your needs and preferences, here are three styles of classic armchair that you should familiarize yourself with.

Classic Armchair Styles Trend

Classic Armchair Styles Ideas

Classic Armchair Styles 2018

Classic Armchair Styles 2018

Bergère Chair

Bergère chair is a perfect choice if you are looking for a chair that enfolds your body in the warmth of its cushion. This French chair first appeared and developed around the last quarter of the 1600s and reached prominence throughout the 18th century. This chair is still a popular choice today due to its design, which promotes ultimate comfort. Its seat and backrest are upholstered and its sides are also closed with upholstery. Variation in shapes and heights is applied mostly to its backrest, leaving the rest of the chair’s parts relatively unchanged and consistent.

Carver Chair

Carver chair is a simple armchair that has become a popular model since mid-17th century. Carver chair is possibly the most standardized form of an armchair for dining purpose. The chair uses wood frame that is upholstered only on its seat and its back. The back is generally tall, though models with shorter back are also available. The armrests are usually left bare. If cushion is added to them, the cushion is usually located on a small spot where the arms touch the armrests.

Club Chair

Club chair was originally made in France to be the more comfortable version of fauteuil chair (an upholstered chair with open sides), hence its French name fauteuil confortable. Designed to be a chair that promises ultimate comfort, no wooden part of this chair is exposed and what you see from this chair is a fully upholstered chair with cushions on its back, seat, sides, and legs. Club chair usually uses leather—often tufted—to cover its pads, but a large variety of fabrics can also be used for that purpose. This chair was later called club chair. Although the origin of its naming remains obscure until today, many people believe that this chair gets its name because it is among the most common classic armchair styles to be used in gentlemen’s clubs.

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